Yeah... this used to be the home page but it seems to be better as news... I'm not going to edit the old listings but I will date new ones:
  • June 2011 - FINALLY!!! I am well underway with the new EUTOXITA record.  I had blogged about starting it last May (and, yes, I DID jinx myself...) various other aspects of life took cehter stage.  I completed one song last summer with Marie on vocal (long story...) and had demoed some things on my cell phone.  As of today (6/18/11) I have backing tracks 95% completed on two more songs.  I'm hoping to finish by the end of the summer.  And so it goes...


  • New song and video on YouTube (and the videos page): "Thank God It's Christmas"
  • Yo, yo, yo! You can now download the mp3 of "5 Themes of Geography" on iTunes and other digital distribution services!  It's also available on CDBaby - the link is to the left.
  • David Steadman and I are putting the finishing touches on the new incarnation of Floodwatch.
  • Remember Naked? I have a new blog digging back into that band's--and my--history.
  • I submitted an entry into the MySpace-sponsored Linkin Park "The Catalyst" remix contest.  Check it out here.  Congratulations to the winner, a gentleman from Poland who goes by the name of NoBraiN.
  • I am currently collaborating with an animator, composing, recording, and producing a soundtrack for one of his short films.  The project is still in the "top secret" phase but details will be forthcoming as the shroud of secrecy is lifted...
  • As you know if you read my blog, my soundtrack to the 1922 F. W. Murnau film Nosferatu is back from the duplicators!  You can contact me for a copy.  There is a short from it on the VIDEO page.  You can also listen to it via the RPM Jukebox.
  • My album trainwreck has been getting some reviews in the UK online press.  Check out the PRESS tab to see what they think overseas...